Black Death Webquest


1. Read over all of the questions carefully.

2. Look for answers to questions in the links below each question.

3. Open each link in a new tab or windows (by right clicking and choosing "Open in New Window" or "Open in New Tab").

4. Read all of the italicized directions below each question to see how many sentences and examples you need for each question.

5. If you finish early, go watch the Black Death slide show at the bottom of this page! (You can also use the slide show to find answers if you could not find them in the other websites.)

Webquest Questions

(Questions 1-4)

Part A: General Information Use the links for

(Question 5)

How did people think the Black Death was caused?

Explain your answer in at least (1) well-crafted sentence, using at least (1) historical example. Make sure you restate the question in your answer!!!

(Questions 6-8) Part B-- Forms of the Plague and Children-- Download the Powerpoint

What were Three Forms of the Plague Powerpoint--

(Question #9) Part C-- Map Link

Extra Credit: Part D. Black Death Game Have Fun